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Mr. Sajid Farooqi


Muhammad Sajid Farooqi, CFA, FCA, is a seasoned investment professional with extensive experience in private equity, corporate finance, and infrastructure financing. Holding significant roles such as the Head of Corporate Finance & Strategy since December 2013, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to assist entrepreneurs in realizing their visions and boosting business valuations. Farooqi has a proven track record in sectors including TMT, aviation, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, and FMCG, and has held board positions in both private and publicly listed companies, including Pakistan Petroleum Limited. His core competencies include superior relationship-building, adaptability to shifting business environments, strategic risk management, and expertise in financial modeling and transaction execution. Farooqi’s remarkable transaction experience includes key roles in deregulating Pakistan’s telecom sector in collaboration with the World Bank, leading significant digital infrastructure projects, and securing substantial funding and partnerships that have propelled financial services accessibility and innovation. His professional credentials include being a Chartered Accountant certified by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and a Chartered Financial Analyst accredited by the CFA Institute, both achieved in June 2001.

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