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Grand Plan

Shape a Brighter Tomorrow

with TPL Life Grand Plan

Secure a prosperous future for your family and yourself with the TPL Life Grand Plan. This exceptional Unit Linked Insurance Plan not only brings you closer to your financial ambitions but also provides unmatched investment opportunities.

Safeguard your loved ones against the unexpected, while accelerating towards your goals. Seize the present and shape a brighter tomorrow with us.

What are the significant features?

Tailored Allocations for Growth

No Bid/Offer Charge, Bonus Allocations

Exceptional Regular Premium Allocations

100% Discount on Bid/Offer Spread

Additional Units in Various Policy Years

Your Pathway to Financial Freedom

Discover These Exclusive Benefits

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Let’s help you

invest and grow!

The premium(s) you provide for the Grand Plan will be assigned to the designated TPL Life Fund, specifically the Booster Fund, which ensures steady investment with minimal expense charges.

Booster Fund

Offering Stable Investment with Minimal Expense Charge.
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